Why is a professional assessment important?

Perhaps you have written a manuscript that you wish to publish – a novel, a crime novel, a non-fiction book, or an autobiography. Or perhaps you have written an e-book. But how can you be sure that your manuscript is ready to be published?

Perhaps you would like to receive feedback, a second professional opinion on how to improve the manuscript before having it proofread or before contacting a literary agent or publisher. Perhaps your manuscript was rejected by a publisher.

We can help you find out why and what you can possibly change in your manuscript. Based on our wealth of experience with both texts and the publishing industry, we can examine texts without bias and assess and classify them in the context of the demands of the publishing industry. Many authors have profited immensely from this service.

What does a professional assessment look like?

We offer annotated professional assessments, which function somewhat like copy-editing with the difference that we do not interfere directly with the writing. We work through the entire text in a .doc-file and highlight and comment on crucial points of the manuscript. Using this method we can show you exactly in which passages of the text something is good or could be improved – the concrete implementation of our advice in the texts remains your decision. In this way, changes both on the micro- and macro-structural level, that is to say dealing with the text as a whole, can be taken into consideration.

We review the following points:

1.     Plot

2.     Storyline and dramaturgy

3.     Character descriptions

4.     Language

The purpose of the professional assessment is to offer a professional perspective on the manuscript, to place it in the context of the current book market and to put you in a position that enables you to deal with the subject of your text in an improved and more focused manner. We find it important, however, that we do not constrain your work and your ideas. After completion of the professional assessment we remain at your disposal for further advice and discussion.


If you are interested in an annotated professional assessment please send us your complete manuscript along with a synopsis by post or e-mail to:


We will send you an appropriately priced offer based on the number of standard pages (1800 characters) of your manuscript. The professional assessment will take approximately four weeks to complete.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!

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