Der Kummer by Lionel Duroy

Duroy-FotoDer Kummer (Edition Contra-Bass) by the winner of the Joseph-Kessel Prize, Lionel Duroy, has been released for the first time in a German translation.

Duroy (born in 1949) has worked as a journalist for the French press, for both the daily newspaper Libération and the weekly newspaper L’evénement du jeudi, and has written numerous novels. Le Chagrin (the original French title) has been published by the Edition Julliard in 2010 and has sold 140.000 copies. In Germany, the book is published by the Edition Contra-Bass. It is Duroy’s most successful work and has received several prizes.


Cover Duroy Kleiner

Lionel Duroy’s autobiographical novel begins with the German occupation in France during the Second World War. His parents marry during that time. The father had, apart from his aristocratic title, neither job nor money, but the mother had always wished for a life in high society.

Lionel, called William in the novel, is the fourth of altogether 10 children, and they all experience the descent of a family in the post-war era, falling from the cloud-castles that the father tries to build for the mother into nothingness. Along with the fascinating story of this family, we gain insight into the politcal development of France, spanning a period from the Algerian war to May 68 and beyond, up until the year 2010.

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