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You are the author of a book? You have written a manuscript in German? Would you like to publish it with a German publisher? A novel, a crime novel, non-fiction book, an autobiography or the like? Are you looking for representatives or an administration of your translation rights? Or ist it about sales and licences in German language for a book written in a different language?

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Our literary agency can help you. We are a “full-service agency” constantly on the search for good authors. This means that we make it our task to find publishers for manuscripts, mainly in our area of focus: fiction and crime novels and mysteries. In addition, we offer copy-editing and proofreading, writing professional assessments of manuscripts and synopses.

Due to our experience in the publishing industry as well as our personal contacts, it is often easier for us to find publishers for the manuscripts we represent. We work only with professional publishing houses including e-book publishers. There are no additional costs for except for the 15 % commission we charge if we are successful in finding a publisher for your work.


Send us your CV, synopsis and extract (first 50 pages):

By e-mail:

We will send you a reply within four weeks. Manuscripts sent to us per post will only be sent back if postage is included. Please note that we are not liable for any manuscripts that are sent to us unrequested.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!

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